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a little tidying

Haven’t done much coding in the last month which is problematic as I should do stuff every week in order to avoid skill rustiness, not to mention learning new stuff. A few weeks prior to christmas, there was a lightning … Continue reading

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As per my previous post, I thought it would be a good to try generating the filename of the output file based on the name of the source file. The tricky bit ended up being mostly easy, and the easy … Continue reading

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another step

I had another idea regarding my little perl program which meant I learnt a little more. I thought it would be nice if the program could write the list of barcodes to a file as currently it sends them to … Continue reading

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reading nice things

Fetish for nice things aside, I’ve been looking at all my books and particularly the dodgy, old paperbacks. There are particular gems among them and I thought it would be nice to have nice editions and get rid of the … Continue reading

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virtually linux

These days I’m increasingly rusty techwise. After last week’s success writing a simple program in perl, I decided to try installing linux on my windows (8.1) laptop. Many years ago when I tried to doing this on an old XP … Continue reading

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a wee bit of code

A month or so ago, in anticipation of attending THATCamp, I thought I should finally start learning a new computer language and chose python. Alas, the reality was that I only got as far as writing the standard “hello world” … Continue reading

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mucking about

Yet another “…been awhile…” sort of post. Currently at the National Library of Australia for THATCamp, which I’m hoping is a a way for me to reconnect with my techier side. I was last here for THATCamp in 2011 when … Continue reading

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