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extra bits

In a novel approach to blogging, novel as in I’ve stolen it from pretty much every tech news site I read, I thought I’d try posting a weekly-ish update of various articles I’ve found or tweeted…it may well just be … Continue reading

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a little more tech

I’ve been longing for some sort of new tech for a while, except that my nearly 3 year old sony vaio remains fabulous. It’s still one of the lightest laptops around (870g), superfast, and excellent graphics. It’s only weakness is … Continue reading

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aided flying

Listenng to music when you have hearing aids can be a tricky thing. I have a mobile hearing aid loop that can connect via bluetooth to my phone and personal computers…personal as in “belongs to me”, as distinct from the … Continue reading

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it’s in the mail

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a book or two…or 5 from Amazon. Having heard good things about Jessica Jones I thought I should read the original comics before watching the show. Thankfully, they’re bundled up in an omnibus. … Continue reading

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drive update

After many years living mostly alone, living with teenagers, aside from the regular challenges of living with teenagers, has some unexpected issues. The hard drive on the PS4 was full! We had to delete stuff to add a game. I’ve … Continue reading

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a memoir from welly

I nearly bought a bookmark today, remembering when I used to stockpile them; many bookmarks for the many books I had on the go. I saw some nice bookmarks at the market this morning. This evening, on holidays, I was … Continue reading

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coding time

Last November, I played around with some coding stuff and wrote a few perl programs from scratch. That was a successful experience and I was able to modify the programs further to take CSV files from proxy logs, and run … Continue reading

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