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screen sizes

Back, back, back in the day of my distant coding past I vaguely remember coding on vt100 (or possibly vt52) based terminals. The screen could display 24 lines with 80 characters across. Fixed width. Font colour was white and then … Continue reading

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another 5

The downside of leaving it too long is that I end up with too many to cull to get it down to 5. No particular pattern to my selection, other than vague interest and curiosity. Australia would have won Eurovision … Continue reading

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rambling about eurovision

It used to be that thing that I loved taking the piss out of and now it’s morphed into something more. Someone asked that very question the other day, “Aussies like taking the piss out of Eurovision, why do we … Continue reading

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towel day

…is coming and is less than two weeks away on 25th May. Expect various jokes about towels to abound and strange, odd people and strange, normal people to potter about with a towel over their shoulder. I feel somewhat that … Continue reading

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5 bits

Having started with 5 articles a week or so back, I thought it might be worth aiming for 5 articles each time. Was tempted to go with 7 but whittled it down to 5. This is a bunch of articles … Continue reading

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I’ve been dipping into my old blog of late, sort of revisiting older versions of me, and wondering how I managed to update so often. Looking for ideas and I don’t think I blog like that anymore. I used to … Continue reading

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extra bits

In a novel approach to blogging, novel as in I’ve stolen it from pretty much every tech news site I read, I thought I’d try posting a weekly-ish update of various articles I’ve found or tweeted…it may well just be … Continue reading

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