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drive update

After many years living mostly alone, living with teenagers, aside from the regular challenges of living with teenagers, has some unexpected issues. The hard drive on the PS4 was full! We had to delete stuff to add a game. I’ve … Continue reading

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a memoir from welly

I nearly bought a bookmark today, remembering when I used to stockpile them; many bookmarks for the many books I had on the go. I saw some nice bookmarks at the market this morning. This evening, on holidays, I was … Continue reading

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coding time

Last November, I played around with some coding stuff and wrote a few perl programs from scratch. That was a successful experience and I was able to modify the programs further to take CSV files from proxy logs, and run … Continue reading

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on beer

I grew up not really liking beer much. Particularly the basic beers in Sydney. Wasn’t fond of pubs either. I even went to Belgium and had no beer. Afterall, Brugges was the mecca for good chocolate. On my last night … Continue reading

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sciffy bits

I started #blogjune with high hopes of a daily whinge and occasional rant.  I started well enough but then got caught up writing another response about blogging relevancy in response to conversations about blogging as a thing. It was mostly … Continue reading

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lotsa toys

I dug out an old friend last night, the Psion 5mx, and can happily report that it still works. I bought this back in 1999 on my first trip overseas. I borrowed $10k from my dad which I mostly used … Continue reading

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onion identities

I’m a few days behind and feeling sleepy so I’ll let a meme do the talking for me. Layer One – Outside What’s your preferred name? snail (with a lowercase “s”), though fine that some people prefer to call me … Continue reading

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