screen sizes

Back, back, back in the day of my distant coding past I vaguely remember coding on vt100 (or possibly vt52) based terminals. The screen could display 24 lines with 80 characters across. Fixed width. Font colour was white and then green and then amber as time went on. Amber was much nicer on the eyes; less glare. Systems developed and environments got nicer to look at. I sometimes wonder if I have monitor burn-in on my eyes from those olden days :) Trying to keep track of a big program on the small screen was hard and I used to print out the code regularly just so I could keep track across multiple sections.

Today I can edit code on a 24″ monitor using a specially designed code editor with colour coding for different parts of the code. It’s all about the pretty.It still feels like sheer luxury to open up a large html file, fully expanded for the 24″, and have everything colour-coded. I can see so much more of the environment and track changes much easier.

I only do coding stuff occasionally and until recently I mostly used text editors including Programmer’s Notepad and vi. I still like them, though I tend to use programmer’s notepad as more of a jotting/working pad on windows, with occasional coding duties. I recently installed Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code as they open sourced it and seem to be updating regularly. It looks pretty and so far seems to be working well for my rudimentary requirements.

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another 5

The downside of leaving it too long is that I end up with too many to cull to get it down to 5. No particular pattern to my selection, other than vague interest and curiosity.

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rambling about eurovision

It used to be that thing that I loved taking the piss out of and now it’s morphed into something more. Someone asked that very question the other day, “Aussies like taking the piss out of Eurovision, why do we want to win?” To which I responded: a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

There is that sense of inclusion in something bigger, perhaps another layer of the Oz isolationist mindset and wanting to be part of Europe in other ways. There’s been a long history of looking to the Northern Hemisphere for influences. Either way, Oz audiences have been watching eurovision for a very long time and have some sense of connection one way or another.

Watching eurovision is an annual event and in our household we’ve been counting down for months. We watched the semifinal replays and got up in time to watch the live final at 5am. I thought only sportsball fans did that sort of thing. Being able to vote for real is a strange joy of its own.

It feels a bit weird to be part of a competing nation, the idea of a one off seemed fun; competing in eurovision has a certain novelty value. In 2015 I was a bit meh, and particularly so with our chosen act. But the act grew on me, as did the idea of participating. To actually be part of this thing on the other side of the world gave it new meaning.

I was excited to see Oz do well yet at the same amused that in a scoring system that reflects European politics, and that playoff of nation states, somehow Oz came out well and finished 5th. There was a sense in 2015 that was reinforced in 2016 that Oz is a safe country for competing European nations to vote for and removes difficulties around voting for and against their neighbours.

In 2016, the scoring went to the final gasp. I was actually tense. Oz came first on the jury vote and it got scarier and tenser as the final audience votes were awarded and it was clear that Oz was remaining on top. Winning raised other questions of where do we host it? Would it be in Sydney? …or a friendly European nation? Not to mention a surreal sense of winning something that we never expected to win.

The voting went down to the final two and only then, with the final score did we know whether we were first or second. Ultimately we were pipped on 511 by Ukraine on 534.

Not much in it at all. Still feels a wee bit odd but in a good way.

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towel day

…is coming and is less than two weeks away on 25th May. Expect various jokes about towels to abound and strange, odd people and strange, normal people to potter about with a towel over their shoulder. I feel somewhat that towels should be binary, you know where your towel is…or you don’t (let’s not mention quantum towels). But then, like mental states, you can lose track of it while maintaining a vague recollection of the direction in which it lies.


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5 bits

Having started with 5 articles a week or so back, I thought it might be worth aiming for 5 articles each time. Was tempted to go with 7 but whittled it down to 5. This is a bunch of articles I’ve read and tweeted in the last week.

That’ll do.

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I’ve been dipping into my old blog of late, sort of revisiting older versions of me, and wondering how I managed to update so often. Looking for ideas and I don’t think I blog like that anymore. I used to maintain a list of film ratings of stuff I saw and I could give that another go. The old version was limited to what I saw at the cinema but I’m seeing a lot less these days.

In the old days, I was on the committee for Unimovies at Wollongong Uni and went to the french film festival, the Sydney Film Festival and occasionally the german and spanish film festivals. All that, and not much of a life, meant I saw a lot of films. These days I seem to have more of a life and getting out to flicks a lot less. So I thought I’d set up a page to keep track of what I’m seeing. I’ll keep the basic score out of 5 stars but will include things I see at home as that tends to be where I watch stuff these days. I may even throw in the occasional comment but looking to do proper film reviews at the moment.

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extra bits

In a novel approach to blogging, novel as in I’ve stolen it from pretty much every tech news site I read, I thought I’d try posting a weekly-ish update of various articles I’ve found or tweeted…it may well just be a weekly picking of stuff I’ve tweeted. Be that as it may, try these:

Hmmm…the next question is do I recycle the same subject headline each time, try to be creative, or simply get increasingly dodgy.

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