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a little bit of tech

I bought my partner the latest version of Google’s Nexus 7 for chrissy. Over the last couple of months I have watched it in use and played with it myself. This thing is light and cute and fast and cute. … Continue reading

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of mojo

2013 was not the best of years. It started well and started badly. On 24th Dec 2012, I went on a date. On 27th Dec 2012, my mother passed away after a long battle. While mum’s death was a mixture … Continue reading

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a little bit of age

I decided to give up drinking a few months ago, and I think it’s been about 5 months now. I haven’t given up entirely and have a glass every few weeks or so, though even with a glass of front … Continue reading

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pretty book

I am procrastinating this morning…also it has been nearly two months since I last updated this blog, I even failed completely to keep up with #blogjune, even though I had a posting plan this time ie a list of potential … Continue reading

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tech revisited

A while back, I mentioned some of my concerns around my tech setup and the various machines involved. That was September and it’s now June and little has changed. The need hasn’t disappeared and I’m missing the portability of my … Continue reading

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g is also for grog

I stopped drinking a couple of months ago. Particularly as I was concerned with how alcohol was affecting my sleeping patterns. I get very restless at night; to be honest I’m often fidgety during the day anyway :-) Also I … Continue reading

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g is for games

I have to do a presentation tomorrow…just a 5 minute lightning talk but my consciousness is utterly lacking. I slept well last night and generally sleeping a lot better in recent months. Perhaps the buzz I mentioned yesterday has caught … Continue reading

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Oops, #blogjune has been running for 4 days and I’m already well behind. As I’ve commented previously, my mojo has been missing in action this year. I don’t want to speak too soon but there are signs that it may … Continue reading

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f is for furniture

…and flat-packs. A couple of months ago, I helped a friend move house and there was an almost array of items to deconstruct and reconstruct…not to mention additional items bought for new place. I seemed to spend forever stuck in … Continue reading

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e is for ears

I’m a bit of a deaf bugger (maybe a lot :-) and require hearing aids to be able to hear well in many situations. I inherited my current pair from my father when he passed away. I had new molds … Continue reading

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